Build a Home True as Steel

Reap the benefits of a metal home in Fouke, AR & Texarkana, AR

Houses with wood structures are pretty standard these days, but they’re quite vulnerable to various threats. A pipe could leak in your Fouke, AR or Texarkana, AR home, rotting wood beams. Termites could infiltrate your home and weaken the wood that holds your home together. Four States Steel Erectors provides a sturdy alternative that won’t face the same vulnerabilities. We can custom build a metal home for you, outfitted with sheetrock or wood walls for the comfort of traditional living on the inside.

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3 reasons to invest in a metal home

Are you considering a drastic alternative to the way you’re currently living? Here are a few reasons to build a metal house:

  1. They are low maintenance.
  2. They are energy efficient.
  3. They are not vulnerable to termites, rot or fungus.

Consult with Four States Steel Erectors today about building a metal house on your property.